How a Physical Therapy Aide Can Benefit You

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physical therapy aide should work under the direct supervision of either a physical therapist or an orthopedic physical therapy assistant. They work indirectly with patient maintenance with many duties which would include moving patients from their beds to therapy facilities, setting up a patient for treatment, assisting the therapist during therapy, and other related tasks. They also provide support such as carrying equipment to and from the therapy facilities and providing cheerleading for the patient during times of trouble.

Physical Therapy Aide

A good Physical Therapy Aide should be able to understand and provide effective medical terminology. They should be able to effectively communicate with patients and the nursing staff. Some Physical Therapy Aides are bilingual, which helps greatly in understanding complicated medical jargon and being able to explain patients’ symptoms to the doctor. They also provide patients with instructions on exercises they need to do for rehabilitation. A good Physical Therapy Aide should know about medication which helps in treating certain injuries to the muscles and joints.

The Physical Therapy Aide‘s job is not only to carry patients’ medical documentation and instruments but also to encourage patients to move. They assist the patient by carrying out deep muscle stimulation to reduce pain and discomfort related with joint stiffness. A Physical Therapy Aide can also teach patients stretching and strengthening exercises that will improve their range of motion. When a patient begins a physical therapy program, the Physical Therapy Aide provides the patient with the help and encouragement they need to successfully complete the program.

Some of the duties of Physical Therapy Aides include preparing and assembling patients for treatment, helping to make room in the treatment rooms, moving patients between treatment rooms, removing personal items from the treatment rooms, changing linens, taking and developing X-rays, sterilizing equipment and medical devices, making necessary phone calls, and keeping track of medications and other records. They are also responsible for instructing patients regarding exercise, diet and stretching techniques that will aid them to recover from injuries. In some instances, the Physical Therapy Aide will be the primary caregiver of a patient. Physical Therapy Aides play an important role in assisting in the recovery process of both athletes and patients of other healthcare professions.

Physical Therapy Aides perform varied tasks depending upon the assignment of the school or center where they work. Some Physical Therapy Aide jobs involve working with athletes in sports medicine, such as chiropractors and physical therapists. Some Physical Therapy Aide jobs are available in hospital departments as well. Other Physical Therapy Aides work in rehabilitation centers and outpatient clinics. There are many different types of Physical Therapy Aides available.

Physical Therapy Aide employment can be found in almost any location that has a gym or other health care facility. A Physical Therapy Aide must be licensed or certified in order to work in these facilities. However, there are some Physical Therapy Aide jobs that can be found without a medical license or certification. These Physical Therapy Aide jobs require the Physical Therapy Aide to have knowledge of cold packs, ice packs and hot packs as well as CPR. Before Physical Therapy Aide jobs can be found, it is important that Physical Therapy Aides take a basic course on CPR.

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